Blog Marketing and The Long Tail

In a world of fast information on the internet, does anyone read business books anymore? I rarely do, but this week I was at the library looking on the New Non-Fiction shelf and I found these two books: Blog Marketing and The Long Tail.

What did I like about them? Well, Blog Marketing encouraged me to get back to blogging – I had been very enthused in the beginning, but then felt that I ran out of things to say. And sometimes that is true, but Jeremy Wright suggests blogging or “cruising” blog posts for about 15 minutes a day and that helped me to realize that it doesn’t have to be a big deal “new job” but that it can just be something I do for short periods of time each day to keep the flow going.

The Long Tail is a very interesting book about how the internet is changing the face of business. It used to be that everyone tried to capture the “hits” – sell the most of that “everyone” wanted to buy. But now with the ease of storing and indexing digital media, businesses are finding that the long tail… the non-hits are the ones that consistently continue to sell even after the hits have come and gone. It’s about keeping more information available to people because not everyone wants to buy the hits.

Anyway, that’s my blog-post for the day… a couple of good internet business books I found while browsing through the library this week.

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