Update from Joanne

Well, it’s been nearly forever since I last posted (April 2008) many things have changed, and many stayed the same. First off, let me announce that for now a book, video tutorials, and teaching workshops are all on the back burner.

I discovered that I much prefer working one-on-one, doing basic search engine optimization, Adwords, website analytics, link building and helping small business professionals and solo entrepreneurs understand the internet and effectively use it to promote their businesses. (Whew! was that really all one sentence?)

I have also have been doing keyword research and link building subcontracting work for two of my very talented colleagues: Josh Katinger of Accession Media (High quality website design/development, Analytics and Adwords) and Bill Gleason of WaterPath Electronic Publishing (SEO copywriter extraordinaire and overall Marketing Guru).

Basic Website Development is back in my repertoire, now that I have discovered a wonderfully user-friendly (and search engine friendly) content management system called Brightegg. Developing sites on this platform is very fun and I can easily train site owners how to setup and maintain a site of their own, cost effectively, and with the best possible optimization available for an affordable CMS system.

I will continue to publish this blog and send updates “Once in a while, sometimes twice” (to steal a phrase from another excellent SEM firm, Hochman Consultants.)

Please contact me when you are ready to start promoting your small business on the internet in the easiest, most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

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