Why GMail is best.

by: +Joanne Marcinek

Why is GMail the best email solution? It’s not just because it has the best SPAM filtering of any email program I ever used. No, Gmail is the best because you can archive emails forever and never have to delete anything.

I am currently trying to find an email verification of a directory submission done in June of 2007. I used Gmail for the first time in 2006, then went back to Outlook for a few months (because I liked to have my mails linked to my contact records). Then in Fall of 2007, I went back to Gmail and have been there since.

Wouldn’t you know, the email message I am missing and can’t find anywhere in my Outlook archives (!) is during those few months that I wasn’t using Gmail.

With Gmail you can use the search box to search your email archives just like you search the internet with Google. If I had used Gmail all this time, I would be able to grab that email at a moment’s notice an would not be about to pull out all my hair trying to find it!

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