Google Guide to Search Engine Optimization

by: +Joanne Marcinek

Google has published their own 22 page guide to getting started with Search Engine Optimization.

It’s a good read, with great basic information. I have to admit I was beaming from ear to ear as I read directly from Google exactly what I have been advising clients to do since I started in SEO back in 2001.

It’s all about relevant information and getting that relevant information in a format that both your site visitors and the search engines can read and understand. Happy Optimizing!

2 thoughts on “Google Guide to Search Engine Optimization

  1. jsnyder

    Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for posting the YouTube video on WebMaster Tools.

    What are your thoughts on using hyphens rather than underscores in url's? My site went live about a month ago (with underscores), and I am thinking about changing over to hyphens, but are still on the fence due to the many differing opinions out there.


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