Goodbye Google Voice

When Google Voice was introduced, I campaigned heavily to get an invitation to join. I chose a phone number with an exchange in my county and began using it for my business line. I setup the line so that it would ring my home phone, my desktop computer and my cell-phone. I thought it was a perfect solution.

However, a few problems soon appeared. For one, my outgoing caller ID showed up as “Dow Chemical” to many of my clients and colleagues. Hours of research went into trying to fix that issue, but it has never been resoloved.

Then, in the last few weeks there have been several calls that right in the middle of, a voice comes on and says “this call is now being recorded.” I did not take any action to record the call, nor could I find a way to stop the recording. So I would have to hang up and call my client back on my home land-line. Again, much research yielded no solution.

All in all, I guess you get what you pay for. Using the free Google Voice service as my business line was not a good idea.


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