Google Docs – Frustration!

Usually, I don’t complain quite this much…but it seems that lately there are a lot of things just not working out well.

Google Docs – Shared Docs – Google Drive. Amazing and wonderful ideas. The prospect of being able to share a document with colleagues “LIVE” so that we don’t have to email a document back and forth and can actually both work on it on the same day (at the same time?) is remarkable.

However, when you’re used to the functionality of Excel, moving to Google Docs is a bit of a shock. Even something as basic as Copy and Paste doesn’t really work all that well.

I am trying to copy a column of text from a downloaded CSV file. I am using Google AdWords for keyword research for a client. So, I highlight my text, use my mouse to copy, go to the Google doc and try to use the mouse to paste. Does it work? No. It seems to have data left over from some other copy operation.

Ok, so now we know you have to use the “old-fashioned” method of copying/pasting by using <ctrl>c to copy and <ctrl>v to paste. No big deal. I can handle it.

Then I find that Google Docs is actually changing the contents of my cells as I paste them. My keyphrases, downloaded from Google AdWords, are formatted to designate what AdWords match type they are: ie. “keyphrase” is a phrase-match keyword and keyphrase (without quotes) is a broad-match keyword. When I paste them into Google Docs, they are now all listed without quotes, and are, consequently, useless to me for comparison and analysis.

I did find a small bit of help in the Google Docs Help forum:

…..doubleclicking the cell first?When the cell is in edit mode, and you paste from (eg) Notepad to there, the double-quotes will be preserved.  The rest of the procedure is to convert that single cell into a range of cells.

But could not find any information on how to “convert that cell into a range of cells.” It really shouldn’t be this hard… copying and pasting is supposed to be EASY.


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