More Word Clouds – New York Times Homepage Content

While looking for new ways to play with Word Clouds, I did the cloud from the previous post on the SEOMoz blog main page. I have been using the clouds with keyword research as well, filtering on types of words, number of searches, etc.

I wanted to find some public (not proprietary client data) to play with, so I thought about News. Some of my hobbies revolve around researching my Ancestry and Scrapbooking. I love the idea of preserving information for future generations.

So, for the last couple of days, I have been pulling the keywords from the NYT Homepage. I exclude words that are related to date, brand name and function of the page and concentrate on keywords that are repeated 4 or more times (less than that and the cloud is very confusing!).

Following are word clouds for the last 3 days.

What do these images “tell us?” I’m not really sure. Right now, they’re just a snapshot in words of what was being reported/talked about on those days.

When Tableau 8 releases, and word clouds like this can be uploaded to Tableau Public – where interaction with the data is possible, these might be more fun. Like looking at the frequency of certain words over time, looking for trends in weeks or months of data. It could be the basis for some interesting sociological research. Or it could just be fun, like looking at old snapshots can be.


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