Useful SEO Habits to adopt NOW

The following is summarized from from Search Engine Journal‘s article:Search Engine Journal SEO Strategies Important SEO Habits to Adopt for Post Panda-Penguin Era Survival

  • Think Originality and Relevance

Make your content original and relevant. Provide users with USEFUL information. Avoid techniques meant only for the Search Engines

  • Add Authenticity

Use tools like Google Authorship Markup, get your “by line” on your content. Let people know who you are and why they should listen to you.

  • Develop Clean Website Structure

Make sure your site can be easily crawled and that your data structure makes sense. Don’t leave the bots to crawl through a spaghetti-mess of pages.

  • Promote Locally

Use all the local tools available to you to make sure that people near you can find you -this is particularly important for brick & mortar businesses. Use Google+Local and Google+Pages, use Bing Local, and use Yext for all the rest.

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