YouTube and Google Account Merge – What it means for your Videos.

Well, I learned a lesson this week…. a few months ago, when I logged into my YouTube account, I was told that I could no longer use my Username (AskJoanne) for my videos but instead my account would be linked to my Google+ profile and use Joanne Marcinek instead.

I didn’t much like this idea, since I was quite happy having AskJoanne as my Channel name. So I quickly clicked through the available options and promptly forgot about it.

There’s a video I did on how to use Google Webmaster tools:

That for a while, came up ABOVE Google’s Webmaster Tools help in the search results. In fact it was so popular that someone stole it and re-published it under their own YouTube account. I was pretty proud of the great search results I was getting and the number of views this video has had.

Just the other day, I did a search for Google Webmaster Tools and discovered that my video was nowhere to be found, Nowhere! What happened?!

Turns out that my speedy clicking through the options last fall was the culprit. Apparently, by refusing to let Google use my Google+Profile name on my videos, all my videos were changed from public to private. Apparently there’s no way around this. Google owns YouTube and they hold all the cards.

I’ve accepted the inevitable and changed the settings on all my videos back to public. Will my videos ever regain their search position and audience? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.


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