5 Best Tools for SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis Tools

Following is a list of my (current) favorite tools for SEO Analysis. There are many, many tools available; some paid, some free. This list is simply my current favorite tools.

  1. A1 Website Analyzer by Microsys
    • This handy-dandy tool is an inexpensive piece of software that scans and documents all the URLs on a website. It shows the URL, the response code, the number of internal links and external links, the page titles, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, H1 and H2 text, and lots of other data about a website’s pages. This the first tool I use when asked to analyze a website for an SEO project. The spreadsheet that you can create via export also serves as the basis for part of my final reports where I replace the current data with my SEO recommendations.
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
    • Using Google Webmaster tools is the best way to see how Google sees your website. There’s so much information here it deserves it’s own dedicated post and screencast. For now I will just say it’s a tremendous tool, but if you don’t have your site verified with Webmaster tools, you can use things like the Google AdWords Tool to learn more about how Google sees your site.
  3. Google’s AdWords Tool
    • I use Google AdWords keyword tool (if you have an AdWords account, it’s right there in your dashboard, if not use the external tool) to see the keyphrases that Google sees on a website. By typing in the website address in the website field and clicking search  you will see the words and phrases that Google sees as being related to the site content. They provide you with estimated search volumes, level of advertiser competition and estimated costs-per-click if you were to advertise on those phrases.
  4. WebCEO
    • This was my very first SEO software related purchase and I still use it today. There are many things you can do with WebCEO including keyword research, link research, and rank checking. These days I mostly use it for keyword rank checking. They’ve added a new level of information that can show where the site is appearing for organic search, paid search, local/map results, video, etc. I used to use this tool alot for link research, but now I use…
  5. OpenSiteExplorer
    • I have a sort of on-again off-again relationship with the pro account at SEOMoz. I love the tools, especially the newest ones like Followerwonk, but the starting price for the Pro Account is $99/month and I just can’t justify that price for the regular information I need. Anyway, OpenSiteExplorer is a great tool to explore the incoming links to a site, the anchor text of those incoming links, the page and domain’s authority. You can also compare up to 5 different sites for some fantastic competitive metrics.

Do you have some great tools to share? Please comment below.

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