How to Use Picasa to easily create Profile Images for Social Media

I am finally getting back into making screencast tutorials – this time I’m uploading via Wistia (more on that later.)

Here’s a quick tutorial on making custom profile image collages using your own photos and Picasa.

I tried to get a transcription* with captions but OMG, the voice recognition was terrible. I guess I have to train my software and speak more clearly. I won’t even tell you the number of UMmmmms I had to delete!

Oh, one last note, obviously you don’t have to create collages for your profiles pages, often you have a terrific single picture you want to use. The custom aspect ratios you create can be used when you are cropping photos. So you can choose exactly how the image will be cropped and displayed on your profile page.

* Having a text transcript on your videos can be a real boon. Not only to the people who would prefer the sound to be off and read the instruction, but also because your transcript is yet another way the search engines know how to index your video.

Questions, Comments? Let me know.

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