Image Sizes for Google+, Facebook and WordPress Header Images

I find myself looking for this information all the time, so here’s a quick cheat sheet.

On the current date, 5 April 2013 here are the pixel dimensions for the header images on Facebook profiles, Google+ pages, and the header image for WordPress (Weaver theme).

This image is a snippet from a full and super-helpful infographic by Jon Loomer:



The new image size for Google+ is 480 x 270


And for WordPress Weaver header images, the dimensions are: 940 x 198


Ooops, almost forgot Twitter profile banners. They are ideally 1252 x 626 pixels and cannot be larger than 5MB.

twitter profile

I find that an easy way to be able to change out my header images myself (without a graphic designer’s help) is to setup custom cropping sizes in Picasa and label them accordingly (eg. put in the dimensions for the Facebook cover image and name the custom size “facebook cover”)

That way you have an easy way to crop any photos you’ve imported from your phone or camera. You can also use Picasa to create a collage of images and then have it create the collage to match the dimensions of the image you are trying to create. You can even add text, or a watermark to your finished image easily.

Here’s a quick Tutorial on creating profile images in Picasa:

Questions? please ask below in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Image Sizes for Google+, Facebook and WordPress Header Images

  1. Ed Ferrigan

    The new Google+ size for header is 2120 X 1192. The problem is when I try and import any image I get a crop tool that blows up whatever I can crop. I don’t know why the crop tool is even there. Do you know what Im doing wrong?

    1. AskJoanne Post author

      Hi Ed, I’m sorry I don’t know what the problem is. I haven’t actually done many uploads using the new header size. I will let you know if I find an answer.


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