If This Then That – My new best friend

If This Then That

I’ve written about IFTTT.com before. It’s a wonderful tool to automate and track things that  happen online by using triggers on different internet channels. In their own words, they are a service that lets you create powerful connections with a simple statement.


If this, then that. This little recipe, used on a variety of incoming and outgoing channels can create a very handy set of customized tools. Here are some of my recipes:


  • The weather forecast is daily sent to my calendar
  • Changes on my Wikipedia watch list are sent to my Evernote account
  • When I tag something in Feedly, it creates a draft message in HootSuite
  • When I publish a blog post, or make a status update on my Facebook page, a note is added to my publishing calendar.
  • I can even send a text to IFTTT and have it record things I am tracking daily, like my weight or amount of exercise I’m getting.
  • There’s no end to the number of cool automated actions you can take to keep your favorite online tools connected.


By having these channels automated and connected I feel that I have a better handle on the information flow in my life. I will write again soon about Evernote and how learning to use it a little better (and installing the mobile and desktop versions) has also been a life changer for me.

What I really want now is a way to connect a private online journal so that posts get posted to my diary calendar. I tried WordPress, but a private blog won’t work with IFTTT, Penzu doesn’t have an RSS feed that I could access, nor does 280daily.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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