Google Conspiracy?

As you know, I’m a Google-girl. I love the relevancy of the results and the tools for advanced searching. But sometimes I get a little annoyed at what I see happening with the “above the fold” results.

The other day, while doing Internet Research for a client, I noticed that on my (fairly large) monitor, there was barely an inch of space that represented the Organic search results “above the fold.”


In order to see other organic results, I had to scroll down. Quite obviously, the ads get most screen real estate, at an estimated cost per click of over $4.00, you can understand why ($$) Google would want to show as many ads as possible. The yellow section on the screen is part of the Google Medical results. These used to show up in the right-hand sidebar, taking the space of some of the ads, but now, as you can see, they are showing up in prime “screen real estate” and pushing the organic/natural search results off the top of the page altogether. And it’s not just medical… these sorts of Google-Consolidated results are showing up for all kinds of searches now, and beginning to dominate the organic search results.

This bothers me. I love being able to get relevant information, but I would prefer to see it in it’s natural state…. from the site that’s actually publishing the information instead of consolidated into a Google-dominated screen.

What are your thoughts?

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