Free Competitive Intelligence Tool

Thank you Beverly Sastri, you’ve done it again… asked a great question that lead me to do some research. I was doing a little research for a potential client and Beverly asked “Why doesn’t this tool show the display advertising information for this client? Do you have a tool that provides that information?” Well, no, I didn’t. So I started to search.

I searched on the phrase: free display advertising competitive intelligence and found a website that lead me to:

ScreenShot037 is an AMAZING service that pulls together competitive research from a variety of different sources (always helpful to see data from several sources!). The free version is limited and doesn’t show you all the data, but the next level up is only $19 a month (an incredible bargain!) and then the plans go up from there. If you’re a solo-preneur like me, a low monthly fee is a HUGE plus.

I’ve only just started playing with the information, but so far it  looks like a fantastic tool for anyone needing to see and Follow what they’re competition is doing online.

Well done!

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