How to Edit Audio and Video Tracks Separately in Camtasia Studio

I love doing screencasts… that is, little How To videos that focus on what’s going on onscreen with my voice in the background “teaching.”

Ask Joanne How To ScreenCasts

However, frequently when I record a screencast I find myself needing to edit the audio and video separately… adding in a still frame, keeping a screen shot but editing out a bunch of UMs and AHs, etc.

But I don’t do them frequently enough to always remember the tips and tricks.

Frustrated, I Googled about a half-dozen variations on how to edit audio and video separately in Camtasia studio and kept coming across the same two results… the Camtastia How To that said to use ctrl-click (or right click) on the video or audio track and you would get an option that said “Separate Video and Audio” but that option was not showing up for me when I clicked my tracks. I also found several videos by a guy with such a deep Indian accent that I could hardly understand him, who went so quickly through the instruction that I couldn’t find out what was going on.

Finally, I came across this video: and realized how simple the answer really was.

There’s a little blue button next to the video and audio clips in the Camtasia timeline, if you hover over it you will see:

separate video and audio camtasia


Click the little blue button and you can edit tracks separately.

Problem Solved.

One thing to note… if you want to cut only video or audio and leave the other intact. Lock the one you want to preserve first. Click the little padlock next to the track to lock or unlock the track.

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