What are Google Shopping Ads?

If you sell products in your business, you may want to look into Google Shopping Ads. Used to be, you could setup a Google Merchant Center account and auto-magically (for free) you could get your product images and details to show up on Google search results. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Now they have Google Shopping Ads, which show up in the search results like this:

Google Shopping Ads


This sponsored search box shows up above all the other listings on the Google search results page, so, you can see why this would be a great place to get your products listed.

As with the old product listing ads, you will need both a Google Merchant Center Account and a Google AdWords account. You upload your product data to your Google Merchant Center account and then link it to your AdWords account. Shopping ads are priced the way many Google Ad campaigns are priced, that is, on a cost per click basis. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you set the amount you are willing to pay per click (in addition to setting a daily budget to insure that you don’t overspend.)

For more information on getting Shopping Ads started for your business, drop me a note at askjoanne@gmail.com and we can chat about your goals, your budget and how to get started.


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