Managing Images for Your Website or Blog

I’ve written before about Where to Find Images for Blogs, Websites and Social Posts that includes such sources as royalty free photos and the fantastic images licensed under Creative Commons Licenses at Flickr. This post is more about image size and compression for web use.

These days, even a phone can take really high resolution images. So that when you transfer a picture from your phone to your computer for use on your website, you’re looking at a file size of 2.8 MB and a picture that ranges in size up to about 4000 pixels wide. The trouble with using those images “straight up” is that the file sizes are so large that it will significantly slow down your website speed, and in these days of reduced attention span, a slow loading site might not get seen at all.

So, what to do? You need to optimize your images for use on the web (keeping in mind that much of web browsing these days happens on mobile devices.) I use Photoshop Elements for my image resizing and optimization, however, you can also use the free program Picasa for some basic image resizing and edits.

Click the image below to load a 3+ minute How To screencast on cropping and exporting images to a web-friendly size and format.

How to Crop and Resize Images for the Web

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