YouTube Video as a Business Marketing Tool

I did it. I hired Mike Liebensohn from for his “Shower & Showup” video service. He created a short video about my business and what I do. You can view it here: or by clicking the image below.

AskJoanne - Internet Business Answer WomanThe beauty of Mike’s process is that it’s so easy for the business owner to have a professional quality video made at a reasonable price. All I had to do was show up at his studio. He interviewed me about what I do and what makes my business unique. Mike says in his description of the process that he acts as an “interested, yet skeptical” potential client. Well, he’s not kidding! His interview pushed me to really dig into why I feel my service is different and unique and he was able to capture that feeling in the finished video.

In parts of the video, where I seem giggly, it’s because it took me three (or more ) tries to say the only “scripted” words in the video… asking people to visit my site and subscribe to my newsletter.

It was an easy and enjoyable process and now I have a video that I can use on my blog, in emails to prospective clients and in social media to let people know who I am and why they might want to hire Ask Joanne, LLC

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