YouTube = the second most popular search engine

YouTube, as you probably know, is owned by Google. However, if you look at them separately you will find that YouTube is second only to Google as a “search engine.” People routinely look to YouTube to find information. What can you do to make your YouTube presence more robust?

Start by updating your YouTube channel page. If you have a Google account or a G+ page, you already have a YouTube account/channel. You can link your channel to your website and customize your channel homepage to have links to your Website, G+ and other social media sites.

Ask Joanne YouTube

The artwork at the top of the channel page (mine’s hardly art, but you get my meaning) is a little trickier to create than you might think… this is because YouTube wants the channel art to be able to display on TVs, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Here’s a link to the How To of creating channel art:

To associate your YouTube channel to your website go to: and follow the instructions to associate your website to your channel.

Once your YouTube channel and your website are connected, you can activate some great new features like External Website Annotations. These are callouts or notes, that are click-able points in your video where people can go directly from the video to a page on your website. Thus making YouTube are more “interactive” platform. To learn more about Annotations, visit:


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