Tidy Up the Internet



I know it sounds silly, but sometimes, when I see local businesses with multiple domain names with conflicting information, it makes me wish I could just get in there and Tidy Up a bit.


These two search results are for the same business… but one is an old website and the other is new. There is conflicting information because the old website lists the old staff, old location and old hours. 🙁


These two are also the same business… listing different phone numbers and the newer site with expanded services, images, and testimonials.

This can happen when website owners hire a new company to update or recreate their websites, but they don’t think about how to handle the old website.

The right steps to take are very simple to do and will benefit the business not only by keeping their web presence clean and tidy, but also by consolidating all the search engine trust and link value into one domain. That is a good thing. By having two domains you not only confuse your potential customers, you also confuse the search engines. And confused a search engines can’t rank your business well in the search results.

If your web presence needs a little Tidying Up, please drop us a note. Ask Joanne can help.

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