Watch Out for GoDaddy Phishing Emails

I’m generally not too vulnerable to phishing emails – that is, those emails that are sent to look like they are legit, but then give you a link to click on that requests login, banking or other personal information. Just this morning I received an email that appeared to be from GoDaddy about my account:

Dear Valued GoDaddy Customer.

Your account contains more than 8954 directories and may pose a potential performance risk to the server.

Please reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent possible account deactivation.

In order to prevent your account from being locked out we recommend that you create special tmp directory.

Or use the link below:

GoDaddy technical support.

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When I checked the link (by hovering over it and looking in the lower left hand corner of the browser window) I saw that while the link appeared to be going to GoDaddy, it was instead going to:

Curious, I clicked… and got to a page that looked like this:



Take care. Watch your URLs, don’t login anywhere that doesn’t have the correct credentials.

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