Free Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Free Tools

There are a few free tools that use almost daily that I can’t imagine being without, and here they are:

Gadwin Printscreen is a free screen capture program that can capture your whole screen or any portion of it, I use this tool almost daily since I write a lot of How To articles. It’s also a super-handy communication tool because you can grab a quick screenshot and include that in an email. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.
You can get Gadwin Printscreen at: (Look for the one that says Freeware)

PrimoPDF is a free tool for printing anything that you might ordinarily send to the printer to a PDF file. I know that a lot of computers now offer a “Save to PDF” option. I’ve been using PrimoPDF since before that option was available and I find it easier to use. Why Print to PDF? Well, suppose you have designed a beautiful flyer or other document in MS Word on a PC and you are sending it to a colleague who uses a Mac, because the display of fonts in Word is dependent on that same font being installed on the other computer, your flyer could come through filled with wingdings instead of your lovely font. By printing to PDF (stands for Portable Document Format) you can be assured that whoever receives your file will be able to see it exactly as you designed it. You can get Primo PDF here:

Picasa is a free tool provided by Google for photo editing and organizing. I have spoken about it many times before and have done YouTube videos on how to use specific features. Some of the handiest features for people who use images online is the ability to setup a custom aspect ratio for easily cropping images to upload online. You can get Picasa for free here:

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