New Powerful SEO Reports and Tools!


As anyone who knows me knows, I LOVE finding new tools (toys:-) that make my work more relevant, effective and efficient. And the last few weeks have been a time of discovery. Not only did I recently partner with Boostability to help my clients expand their SEO efforts cost effectively, but I have also recently found new ways to do my Eyes on the Web® reporting that give my clients more comprehensive and detailed information in a more concise format.

These new tools also include;

  • an amazingly detailed Keyword Ranking Checker
  • a Google Local Tracker to see how your local page ranks against your competitors for your top keyphrases
  • a Citation Tracker (to check on the citations to your site compared to your competitors) and offer suggestions for new citations
  • a tool for creating Citations at many popular sites quickly and easily.
  • a handy widget for helping to increase the reviews of your site
  • a super-cost effective method for monitoring online reviews of your site at many popular review sites

If any of these services or services sound interesting to you, please get in touch!

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