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Following the Path

Life has taken yet another turn and I am no longer doing Ask Joanne computer work. You can now find me at Mrs. Market’s or doing Gift Interviews for the Catherine of Siena Institute or training to become a Spiritual Director at St. Anthony Shrine.

Thank you to all my clients, colleagues and blog readers, Ask Joanne has been a wonderful journey, and now I am stepping onto a different path.


New Directions – Salesforce Administrator Training

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and things have changed quite a bit since then.

From 2016 to now (2019) I worked for a non-profit organization. Within a few months of being there, I realized that the Director of Operations’ head was going to explode if she didn’t stop using spreadsheets as the only method of keeping track of all the programs and participants. I lobbied hard for the implementation of the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) which, at the time, was brand-spanking new.

As a self-taught computer geek, I figured I could do the implementation on my own, no problem. However, in a short period of time I realized that when they call Salesforce a PLATFORM and not a software PACKAGE, they really mean it. You can do almost anything, but “out of the box” there’s a lot that needs to be customized to make it work well.

Fast forward to today. I am now taking the time to get some training directly from Salesforce (love the Trailheads!) and am on my way to certification as an Administrator. I love the power of the Salesforce platform.


Google Friendly Websites

google friendly

Today at a networking meeting, I did my little “intro” about who I am and what I do and afterwards someone suggested that I say I can help you make your website Google-Friendly. I thought that was a great phrase, because that really is very much the focus of good search engine optimization, making your site work well with the search engines.

We’ve all had it happen; we know, sort of, what we’re looking for and we search and search but don’t get the results we want or expect. Often this is the because the business we are looking for hasn’t made their website “Google Friendly,” they haven’t “fed” the search engine index with the words that will help people find them. Another aspect of Google Friendliness that’s becoming increasingly important is mobile-friendliness (making your site responsive to mobile devices).

If you would like to make your site more Google Friendly, drop me an email:

It’s all about … those Keywords

Keywords are dead. Long Live Keywords. Once upon a time people discovered that Google and other search engines used the meta-keywords field to determine search rankings, so they started to stuff that tag with repeats (red hats, red hats, red hats, red hats, red hats) to get the best rankings. So the search engines stopped paying attention to the meta-keywords field (there is a good use for the meta-keywords field though, ask me and I’ll tell you.)

Fast forward to 2016 where Moz did a Whiteboard Friday about keywords vs. topics for optimization. In my opinion, keywords will always be the way to go. That’s how people search… using their own (key)words. I like what Rand Fishkin has to say about it…

Wikipedia Editing – The Wonderful World of Wikipedia

Great news! I have recently added Wikipedia Article Editing to my list of services.
Wikipedia Article Editing

I have been a Wikipedia Editor for many years now, but mostly confined myself to making image contributions and simple edits to existing articles. However, I recently was able to take an article that had previously been deleted from Wikipedia for being too self-promotional and re-wrote it to comply with Wikipedia standards, it was accepted and is now the 2nd organic result on Google for this client’s name. I have also written new articles from scratch that have also been accepted for publication.

Wikipedia has strict guidelines, so not everything or everyone qualifies to have an article, but if you have a need for help on Wikipedia, please Ask Joanne about Wikipedia!

Competitive Research by Ask Joanne

Have you have ever wondered what keywords your competitors are bidding on in AdWords? Or what keyphrases are bringing them their best organic traffic? Or where you might be missing out on possibilities for blog posts or content creation?


Yes! More new tools! I am now offering some in-depth competitive research reports for clients that can answer these questions and more.

Want to improve your presence on Google? Ask Joanne, the Answer Woman. 🙂