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Finally! an Add-on for Google Calendar for your To Dos

Hashtag To Do

I have been wishing for a way to manage To Do items that I would like on my calendar vs. my Wunderlist and today I have found it! Well, Lifehacker found it, and I found their writeup about it. HashtagTodo is an add-on for Google Calendar that allows you to turn any event into a To Do item. If you do not mark it as done, it auto-magically moves itself to the following day.


Eureka! A Full Service SEO Company I Trust!


I have been doing SEO since before it was an “industry” like it is today. However, as time has gone on, I discovered that as a solo-entrepreneur it has become harder to offer all the services involved in good SEO on a long term, consistent basis. So, slowly, I stopped offering those services that were less cost effective for my clients and focused only on services that I knew would deliver value: basic on-site SEO based on comprehensive Keyword Research, Google AdWords Advertising, Google Analytics and other Internet Research)

That is, until I was introduced to (Thank you Betsy Brand!) I spent quite a bit of time talking with a representative at Boostability and I LOVE the way they work. They’re based here in the U.S., they offer a full complement of SEO services at a reasonable cost, they are fully transparent about the SEO tasks they complete each month. So, I become an affiliate. This allows me to focus on what I do best…helping businesses find the relevant information they need to improve their business on the internet and let a great company like Boostability handle the details of full service SEO.

Have questions? Want more information? Please ASK!

SEO is Not a Magic Answer

© Creative Commons "88/365" by Sarah Buckley is licensed under CC

© Creative Commons "88/365" by Sarah Buckley is licensed under CC

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not the magic answer to getting your website to show up at the top of the Google Search Results for every phrase remotely related to your business.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and being updated. Google’s goal is to provide relevant results to searchers. The Goal of SEO is to make sure that a website has enough information on it (in the right places) and enough signals pointing to it (links, social media, YouTube, etc. etc.) to let Google know when it legitimately SHOULD show up at the top of the search results.

SEO is also about making sure that people who KNOW they are looking for you can find you. See this post on Cocktail Party Searchability for reference.

Keep your perspective when optimizing your website. Recognize that just because a broad, generic phrase truly is relevant to your business, depending on how many other pages out there on the internet are also related, you may or may not be able to get high visibility for that phrase. Focus on providing really excellent, relevant information to your visitors. Answer the questions they have, help them solve their problems.

No matter how many times Google’s algorithm changes, if you make your site the best it can be and focus on providing relevant information, your SEO and other marketing efforts will work together to get your site the best possible visibility in the search results.

What Happened to My Facebook Reach?

© Creative Commons "Facebook Business" by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC

© Creative Commons “Facebook Business” by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC

Did the reach of your Facebook business page tank in June 2015?? Here’s a possible reason, excerpted from The Guardian.

Facebook has announced the latest change to the algorithm governing what stories its users see in their news feeds on the social network.

The company says it hopes to help more “meaningful” stories bubble up in people’s feeds by looking beyond metrics like comments, likes and shares when judging what’s interesting.

The previous Facebook algorithm relied heavily on Likes, Shares and Comments to determine the reach of posts (that is, how many people who Like your page actually SEE your posts in their newsfeed.) The new algorithm now takes into account the amount of time that you spend on a news item even if you choose not to Like, Comment or Share.

“We’ve discovered that if people spend significantly more time on a particular story in News Feed than the majority of other stories they look at, this is a good sign that content was relevant to them,” they wrote.

Facebook is stressing that pages run by companies and celebrities are not expected to be affected by this change – despite unrest in the past after similar tweaks have meant page posts reach less people on the social network.

They may stress that, but I certainly noticed an impact on some of my client’s Facebook pages. So, if your business’s Facebook Reach has been impacted, this could be why.

Free Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Free Tools

There are a few free tools that use almost daily that I can’t imagine being without, and here they are:

Gadwin Printscreen is a free screen capture program that can capture your whole screen or any portion of it, I use this tool almost daily since I write a lot of How To articles. It’s also a super-handy communication tool because you can grab a quick screenshot and include that in an email. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.
You can get Gadwin Printscreen at: (Look for the one that says Freeware)

PrimoPDF is a free tool for printing anything that you might ordinarily send to the printer to a PDF file. I know that a lot of computers now offer a “Save to PDF” option. I’ve been using PrimoPDF since before that option was available and I find it easier to use. Why Print to PDF? Well, suppose you have designed a beautiful flyer or other document in MS Word on a PC and you are sending it to a colleague who uses a Mac, because the display of fonts in Word is dependent on that same font being installed on the other computer, your flyer could come through filled with wingdings instead of your lovely font. By printing to PDF (stands for Portable Document Format) you can be assured that whoever receives your file will be able to see it exactly as you designed it. You can get Primo PDF here:

Picasa is a free tool provided by Google for photo editing and organizing. I have spoken about it many times before and have done YouTube videos on how to use specific features. Some of the handiest features for people who use images online is the ability to setup a custom aspect ratio for easily cropping images to upload online. You can get Picasa for free here: