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Google Friendly Websites

google friendly

Today at a networking meeting, I did my little “intro” about who I am and what I do and afterwards someone suggested that I say I can help you make your website Google-Friendly. I thought that was a great phrase, because that really is very much the focus of good search engine optimization, making your site work well with the search engines.

We’ve all had it happen; we know, sort of, what we’re looking for and we search and search but don’t get the results we want or expect. Often this is the because the business we are looking for hasn’t made their website “Google Friendly,” they haven’t “fed” the search engine index with the words that will help people find them. Another aspect of Google Friendliness that’s becoming increasingly important is mobile-friendliness (making your site responsive to mobile devices).

If you would like to make your site more Google Friendly, drop me an email: