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Tidy Up the Internet

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes, when I see local businesses with multiple domain names with conflicting information, it makes me wish I could just get in there and Tidy Up a bit.


These two search results are for the same business… but one is an old website and the other is new. There is conflicting information because the old website lists the old staff, old location and old hours. 🙁


These two are also the same business… listing different phone numbers and the newer site with expanded services, images, and testimonials.

This can happen when website owners hire a new company to update or recreate their websites, but they don’t think about how to handle the old website.

The right steps to take are very simple to do and will benefit the business not only by keeping their web presence clean and tidy, but also by consolidating all the search engine trust and link value into one domain. That is a good thing. By having two domains you not only confuse your potential customers, you also confuse the search engines. And confused a search engines can’t rank your business well in the search results.

If your web presence needs a little Tidying Up, please drop us a note. Ask Joanne can help.

Lazy Days of Summer

I haven’t been posting much lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing… Here are a few things going on this summer:

  • I stopped using my personal Facebook account (it’s amazing how much time you gain when you’re not wasting it surfing FB.)
  • Completed the Google Analytics Course – eCommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
    Google Analytics
  • Watched a very interesting Google Partner video on using Google Analytics to Improve AdWords Performance.
  • I’m also checking out a new (to me) service called RivalIQ. It’s got a lot of fantastic competitive data on SEO, Keywords and very detailed social media analysis.

What is Responsive Design? Why should you care?

Responsive Web Design is a website design that will auto-magically adapt to the screen size of the website visitor. From large, wide-screen monitors to smart phones and back again.

Click the image below to see a quick (silent) video demonstration of how responsive design works when the screen size changes:



More and more people are accessing the internet on tablets and smartphones. Help them interact with your site and save their eyesight! Make sure your website design is responsive to the device upon which the site is viewed.

Google Docs – Frustration!

Usually, I don’t complain quite this much…but it seems that lately there are a lot of things just not working out well.

Google Docs – Shared Docs – Google Drive. Amazing and wonderful ideas. The prospect of being able to share a document with colleagues “LIVE” so that we don’t have to email a document back and forth and can actually both work on it on the same day (at the same time?) is remarkable.

However, when you’re used to the functionality of Excel, moving to Google Docs is a bit of a shock. Even something as basic as Copy and Paste doesn’t really work all that well.

I am trying to copy a column of text from a downloaded CSV file. I am using Google AdWords for keyword research for a client. So, I highlight my text, use my mouse to copy, go to the Google doc and try to use the mouse to paste. Does it work? No. It seems to have data left over from some other copy operation.

Ok, so now we know you have to use the “old-fashioned” method of copying/pasting by using <ctrl>c to copy and <ctrl>v to paste. No big deal. I can handle it.

Then I find that Google Docs is actually changing the contents of my cells as I paste them. My keyphrases, downloaded from Google AdWords, are formatted to designate what AdWords match type they are: ie. “keyphrase” is a phrase-match keyword and keyphrase (without quotes) is a broad-match keyword. When I paste them into Google Docs, they are now all listed without quotes, and are, consequently, useless to me for comparison and analysis.

I did find a small bit of help in the Google Docs Help forum:

…..doubleclicking the cell first?When the cell is in edit mode, and you paste from (eg) Notepad to there, the double-quotes will be preserved.  The rest of the procedure is to convert that single cell into a range of cells.

But could not find any information on how to “convert that cell into a range of cells.” It really shouldn’t be this hard… copying and pasting is supposed to be EASY.


Goodbye Google Voice

When Google Voice was introduced, I campaigned heavily to get an invitation to join. I chose a phone number with an exchange in my county and began using it for my business line. I setup the line so that it would ring my home phone, my desktop computer and my cell-phone. I thought it was a perfect solution.

However, a few problems soon appeared. For one, my outgoing caller ID showed up as “Dow Chemical” to many of my clients and colleagues. Hours of research went into trying to fix that issue, but it has never been resoloved.

Then, in the last few weeks there have been several calls that right in the middle of, a voice comes on and says “this call is now being recorded.” I did not take any action to record the call, nor could I find a way to stop the recording. So I would have to hang up and call my client back on my home land-line. Again, much research yielded no solution.

All in all, I guess you get what you pay for. Using the free Google Voice service as my business line was not a good idea.


Why GMail is best.

by: +Joanne Marcinek

Why is GMail the best email solution? It’s not just because it has the best SPAM filtering of any email program I ever used. No, Gmail is the best because you can archive emails forever and never have to delete anything.

I am currently trying to find an email verification of a directory submission done in June of 2007. I used Gmail for the first time in 2006, then went back to Outlook for a few months (because I liked to have my mails linked to my contact records). Then in Fall of 2007, I went back to Gmail and have been there since.

Wouldn’t you know, the email message I am missing and can’t find anywhere in my Outlook archives (!) is during those few months that I wasn’t using Gmail.

With Gmail you can use the search box to search your email archives just like you search the internet with Google. If I had used Gmail all this time, I would be able to grab that email at a moment’s notice an would not be about to pull out all my hair trying to find it!


In this economic climate, you go with what works. Becoming a published author is just such a tactic. With “Doing Business By the Book: How to Craft a Crowd-Pleasing Book and Attract More Clients and Speaking Engagements Than You Ever Thought Possible” by Sophfronia Scott you will learn how to write the right book for your business. You’ll find ideas for powerful lead generation strategies as well as the basic nuts and bolts on choosing and assembling just the right stories to tell in your book. If writing books works for the likes of T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki and Jack Canfield, it can work for you!

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7 Secrets to Success – Sue Stebbins – Over it Already

I’d like to share a link with you to an inspiring free business coaching presentation by Sue Stebbins, the Maven of Accelerated Results. I listened to this presentation the other day, and it highlights the simple steps that any entrepreneur can take to catapult their business to the next level of success. This is a particularly important message now, when most of the news about “this economy” is filled with doom and gloom. Sue is inspirational and upbeat and has a real and concrete message about a new approach to large scale success.

Sign up here to get the link to Over it Already – 7 Secrets to 7 Figure Success

Update from Joanne

Well, it’s been nearly forever since I last posted (April 2008) many things have changed, and many stayed the same. First off, let me announce that for now a book, video tutorials, and teaching workshops are all on the back burner.

I discovered that I much prefer working one-on-one, doing basic search engine optimization, Adwords, website analytics, link building and helping small business professionals and solo entrepreneurs understand the internet and effectively use it to promote their businesses. (Whew! was that really all one sentence?)

I have also have been doing keyword research and link building subcontracting work for two of my very talented colleagues: Josh Katinger of Accession Media (High quality website design/development, Analytics and Adwords) and Bill Gleason of WaterPath Electronic Publishing (SEO copywriter extraordinaire and overall Marketing Guru).

Basic Website Development is back in my repertoire, now that I have discovered a wonderfully user-friendly (and search engine friendly) content management system called Brightegg. Developing sites on this platform is very fun and I can easily train site owners how to setup and maintain a site of their own, cost effectively, and with the best possible optimization available for an affordable CMS system.

I will continue to publish this blog and send updates “Once in a while, sometimes twice” (to steal a phrase from another excellent SEM firm, Hochman Consultants.)

Please contact me when you are ready to start promoting your small business on the internet in the easiest, most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

The Joys of SEO! – Internet Marketing CT

Wow! I just found out that my site has made it to #2 on Google for Internet Marketing Connecticut. Thank you Josh Katinger, for letting me know!

I’m not banking on my site staying there… I think it’s probably a temporary thing caused by some algorithm change or by personalized search. But it sure is fun to do that search and see my site pop up there right near the top! 🙂 has been in the top 5 for Internet Marketing Newtown CT for quite a while. I usually recommend, when starting your internet marketing, to focus on having your primary service plus location be the first keywords you optimize for. This ensures that people who are looking for you can find you. The next phase of optimization is to optimize your site for other keywords and phrases your target audience might use in a search engine when they don’t yet know they need you.