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What Happened to My Facebook Reach?

© Creative Commons "Facebook Business" by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC

© Creative Commons “Facebook Business” by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC

Did the reach of your Facebook business page tank in June 2015?? Here’s a possible reason, excerpted from The Guardian.

Facebook has announced the latest change to the algorithm governing what stories its users see in their news feeds on the social network.

The company says it hopes to help more “meaningful” stories bubble up in people’s feeds by looking beyond metrics like comments, likes and shares when judging what’s interesting.

The previous Facebook algorithm relied heavily on Likes, Shares and Comments to determine the reach of posts (that is, how many people who Like your page actually SEE your posts in their newsfeed.) The new algorithm now takes into account the amount of time that you spend on a news item even if you choose not to Like, Comment or Share.

“We’ve discovered that if people spend significantly more time on a particular story in News Feed than the majority of other stories they look at, this is a good sign that content was relevant to them,” they wrote.

Facebook is stressing that pages run by companies and celebrities are not expected to be affected by this change – despite unrest in the past after similar tweaks have meant page posts reach less people on the social network.

They may stress that, but I certainly noticed an impact on some of my client’s Facebook pages. So, if your business’s Facebook Reach has been impacted, this could be why.

Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page – Copyblogger

Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page – Copyblogger.

Have you ever stared at something, knowing you’re doing everything right, but it still won’t … freaking … work?

That’s how Copyblogger has felt about its Facebook page for quite some time.

As of today, the page has 38,000 “fans,” but Copyblogger’s presence on Facebook has not been beneficial for the brand or its audience.

Social Media for Business Marketing

Social Media can be quite confusing, especially for small businesses who are already so short on time. Where should you put your time and attention? What sorts of things should you post? How does it all work?

Well, it can be a complex and pretty involved topic, however, here’s a quick video with some information on Where and What you should be posting on social media.

Confused About Social Media

The first thing you have to identify is Who is your Audience? and Where do they hangout online? Different Social Media platforms appeal to different audiences.

Here are some links to stats and demographics of some of the more popular social media websites.

And remember, EVERYONE watches video on YouTube. If you’re interested in creating great video content, get in touch with Mike at Video Active Pro.

Once you know where your audience hangs out, the next step is to create or curate clickable content. That is:

Content that is interesting, quirky, funny or passionate. Content that teaches, makes people think or riles them up. In short, content that tells a story that’s in some way related to the product or services you offer. Reference: High Rankings

Engaging content is particularly important on Facebook, where, if people don’t Like, Comment or Share your posts, Facebook just stops showing them. I don’t think that’s the case with the other social media platforms, but it’s one reason to be very wary of putting all your social media eggs into the Facebook basket.

You don’t always have to create your own content, you can also curate great content from other sources – things that are interesting or relevant to your audience that you found on other websites online. However, keep a balance…. in general you don’t want your curated content to be more than 50% of what you are posting yourself (lots of opinions on this… 50% is just my feeling about it.) (References: Social Media Today and Convince and Convert)

If you’re looking for ways to create great content, consider getting help from an expert. I’d like to say that’s me, but it’s not. I can help you determine the how and why of which social media platforms to use and get you started, but to really get a full service social media strategy in place, I recommend talking to Bill DeRosa at Talking Finger – these guys are experts!

HootSuite RSS to Facebook and Twitter

Ok, I promise, this is the last time I’m going to talk about this. I finally got the RSS feeds to send posts via HootSuite to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I had to delete all the feeds I had added, reconnect to my FB and Twitter accounts (though there was nothing wrong with the connections that I could tell – other, older, feeds were working properly) and then set them back up again.

However, what I didn’t realize is how “messy” the feed would look when posted through to Facebook. Twitter wasn’t horrible because it’s text based and very short. But Facebook… I’m used to being able to have a nice thumbnail image with my posts and having the text of the link be just the title and meta-description of the blog post. Unfortunately, with an RSS feed, the images are skipped altogether and the text fields all run into eachother:

HootSuite RSS Post

Bleh! So, after all that troubleshooting to get the RSS feed working, I’ve decided that I much prefer the look of posts that I create and post myself.

If you have suggestions for a way to automate social media and still get a nice looking post with thumbnail image on Facebook, please let me know. Thanks!

Lunar Maven FB Post

HootSuite RSS feed to Facebook and Twitter Not Working

Just the other day I wrote a post about the great feature of HootSuite to allow your RSS feeds from blogs (and other media) to post through to your other social channels. Unfortunately, it’s not working. 🙁

I set up feeds to FB and Twitter with all my special interest blogs (as well as this business blog), but so far, nothing at all has posted through to my Facebook or Twitter profiles.

I have searched online for a solution, but have so far, found none. The advice on the HootSuite Help page says:

Possible issues and solutions for your RSS feed

 Possible Issue  Solution
 The social network profile connected to your feed may have become disconnected from your HootSuite dashboard.  Reconnecting to Twitter.
 The RSS feed is paused.  Disabling and Enabling a RSS/Atom Feed.
 The RSS feed itself has not been updated since HootSuite sent the last message.  RSS feeds only post new content. If no new content is available there is nothing to publish.
 Each RSS update refers to the same static webpage.  If an RSS feed is directing to the same web page that is not being updated with new content it will not publish.
 The XML inside the feed is broken.  To find out if this is the case, visit If the feed cannot be validated, contact the site you where you subscribed.
 The RSS feed has no date stamp.  Feeds must be configured so that posted items report a date/time. You may be able to configure this by visiting the site where you subscribed to the RSS feed.
 The RSS feed has an article with a date stamp from the future.  The feed will not publish until the future date becomes the present date.

I’ve tried the solutions and checked the validity of my feeds, with no luck so far. I’m still working on it. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. I will follow up with more information as soon as I have it.

HootSuite for Social Media Automation

I use HootSuite for social media management and have for many years. However, I’m still learning all that it can do. I have used the RSS feeds before, but haven’t done the setup in a while. Yesterday I setup links between the RSS feeds from my various personal and special interest blogs and my Hootsuite account so that new posts on my blogs would post through to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Getting setup is simple:

  • Start in your Hootsuite Dashboard, click on the gear in the left hand sidebar (Settings) and then go to RSS/AtomHootSuite Settings
  • Next click the + sign to add a new feed
    Add New RSS
  • Paste in the URL for the RSS feed you’d like to “feed” your social channels
    Add RSS Feed
  • This is where you choose which of your social networks the feed should be sent to, in this case, since it’s a personal blog, it will go to my personal Twitter Account (you set up separate feed items for each social network).
  • This is also where you can make changes like how often the feed updates, how many posts are posted at a time and whether there should be any text pre-pended to the post.
  • After you click “Save Feed” you should be all set. Any new posts to the RSS you’ve specified will “flow through” to the social network you’ve just identified.
  • Repeat the process if you’d like the same RSS to feed another social network, like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ (Google+ only works for Pages not for your personal Google+ Profile… I think HootSuite is working on getting connected to G+profiles)

I think I have to be patient…. I set mine up last night and am impatiently waiting to see if they are working properly. So far, no posts have come through, but it hasn’t yet been 24 hours since I set them up. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

HootSuite RSS Not Working
HootSuite RSS no images!

Why Blog for Business?

I’ve been doing internet consulting for many years, about a dozen at this point, and while I am an early adopter on some things (getting a website, learning SEO) I’m a little slow on some of the other things (social media, blogging). However, in the last couple of months I have learned a thing or two about blogging that I would like to share.

I’m going to let you in on some “behind the scenes” and show you my Google analytics stats for the month of May 2013 compared to May 2012.

Ask Joanne AnalyticsI began blogging regularly in April 2013 and have written about a post a week since then (sometimes more but not less). My site traffic has increased by 143% year over year, Unique Visitors are up 120%, Pageviews are up 448% and Pages per Visit are up 126%. Most remarkable to me is that my bounce rate (which used to be dismal) has improved by 95% (there is a reason why my bounce rate used to be so high, more on that later).

All from writing a blog post a week!

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert at blogging by any stretch of the imagination, but this is what I think has worked for me.

I’m a naturally curious person and when I have a question about something or learn something new, I like to share it. In fact, I’m very like a “Malcolm Gladwell Maven” in that sometimes I can be “pathologically helpful.” My current most popular blog post is one I wrote on a whim when I found a cool Visual XML Sitemap generator for my colleague Beverly Sastri.

I try not to be too “sales-y” and directly promote my business or services too often. Blogs are not really about selling, but more about providing relevant information. That relevant information can be tips and tricks that are helpful to your audience, it can also be information about who you are … people like to know and trust who they are working with and a little bit of a personal spin on blog posts is not a bad thing. It’s also great to keep the blog open to comments so that you can engage your readers in conversation.

Sometimes my blog posts are just a quick recap of someone else’s content that I have “curated.” I include quotes and links in my posts from the original articles. Sometimes I write a summary of an article, or my opinion on the points being made. Sometimes I include an embedded graphic or video (my own or someone else’s).

And then, the step that I think could help any blog…. is telling people about what you’ve written. I use HootSuite to manage my social media channels. When I write what I think is a good blog post, I will send the link out to the appropriate social media channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Has all this blogging resulted in more business? Well, not yet. But, remember:

The Rule of 7 Touches There is an understanding that it takes 7 touches for the customer to buy from you. Touch them with a telephone call – #1. Touch them with a direct mail piece – #2. Touch them with an article written about you and your company – #3. Touch them with a reference given by one of their friends about you and your products/services – #4. Yada, yada, yada.

read more at:

Maybe my attitude is a little too laid back, but I just LIKE blogging, providing relevant information and being a little “pathologically helpful.” If I get more business from it, great! If not yet, blogging is satisfying in it’s own right.

Understanding Why Social Media is Important

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. And now that “social signals” are factors in how your website is ranking, it becomes even more important to at least understand how the social animal works.

Social Icons
First a little basic SEO background. Here are some of the things that are important factors in how your website ranks in the search results:

  • relevancy of your content (how closely does your site content match the search query?)
  • age and size (number of pages) of your site
  • quality incoming links to your site

Active involvement in Social Media can impact both the size of your site (if you are blogging on your own domain) and the number of incoming links to your site.

Here’s how.

  • Every blog post is a new page on your site
  • If you title your blog post with your important keyphrases you increase the relevancy of your content
  • Content you post, like photos and video stay under your own control and can increase click-throughs to your site when the images show up in search.
  • If you then post your own blog posts out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ the visits and links back from those sites can increase both your incoming link value and your site traffic.
  • If you engage in conversation with your audience via Blog Comments, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you increase the “social signals” that can impact rankings.

Do you  have questions about Social Media? Please ASK!


Google’s Guide to Google+ For Business

Stumbled upon this downloadable guide while working on my presentation for Newtown Savings Bank’s Business Before Hours on November 29th.

Will post my thoughts on it shortly…

Later….. It’s a good read w/basic info on getting your Google+ business page setup. It doesn’t address some of the current issues for former Google Places users (can’t merge old listing w new Google+ page format, you lose all your previous Google Places reviews, etc.), but overall a good guide to getting started.