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Does Google Give Preference to AdWords Advertisers?

Google has always claimed that advertising on AdWords will NOT impact the natural search results of a website.

However, sometimes I get suspicious….

Like when I see a client of mine, who has been in business since 2003 being beaten out in the organic rankings by a newbie (business started October 2012) and that newbie is an AdWords advertiser.

Here are some of the stats I look at when doing competitive website analysis:

  • Age of Site
  • Number of Pages Indexed
  • Number of incoming links (backlinks) reported – take this stat with a large grain of salt… it’s usually very under-reported.
  • Social signals (Twitter mentions, FB likes, Google +1)

So, I did a little research using the SEOQuake Chrome Extension:


  • Age, May 2004
  • Pages Indexed: 29
  • Backlinks: 4
  • Social: Tw, 2; FB, NA, +1, 23 (note: FB stats do not appear to be correct, I  know ASU has lots of likes)


  • Age, May 2013
  • Pages Indexed: 5
  • Backlinks: NA
  • Social: Tw, 10; FB, NA, +1, 0

At first glance, based on these stats there is no way that farmboy should be outranking AllSmokedUp. But wait! Although farmboy’s business was started in October 2012, the website has a start date of May 2013. That’s only  2 months ago. It looks like they may be experiencing what I have seen frequently with Google results… a brief “moment in the sun” of great rankings within about 2-3 months of a new site starting up. I believe it’s part of Google’s algorithm that “rewards” recency and “newness” for a brief period before the site sinks back into the abyss for 6-8 months and then levels out to its “proper” position in the natural search results.

Well, it looks like we’re in a “wait and see” period. I’m going to watch these results and see if my theory holds… that this is the “moment in the sun” for that new site and there isn’t a conspiracy to boost the natural search results of sites that advertise on Google AdWords.

Why Google AdWords?

Let me start by saying if you’re interested in giving Google AdWords a try, I have a whole bunch of coupon codes that I can give out. Some are $100 coupons, others $300. Google recently changed their program so that you do actually have to spend some of your own cash before the coupons kick in, but it’s still a great deal and a great way to try AdWords.

Google AdWords

AdWords can be a great tool for many businesses to gain visibility and boost website traffic. The companies I most often recommend AdWords to are those that have brand new websites or those who want a quick boost as they begin to implement SEO for their websites to improve traffic in the short term.

AdWords allows you to target specific keyword phrases worldwide or within a very narrow geographic area. You can target your ads to search or to the display network (other content sites (like the ads you see on the side of this blog post). There are text ads (advertising Haiku), image ads and video ads.

Depending on the business, AdWords may or may not be a great long term strategy. For some companies, the return on investment in AdWords is excellent and that alone warrants continued advertising. For other companies, the ROI is not as good and AdWords is a better short term strategy.

I am a Google AdWords Certified Partner and my specialties are helping new advertisers get started (remember the coupons!) and helping existing advertisers improve their campaign performance. I am not an expert on image or video ads, but I have been able to help clients more than double their click-through and conversion rates, with no increase in costs.

If you’re interesting in learning how Google AdWords can help your business, please get in touch.


New Google AdWords Coupons

Google is piloting a new program for AdWords coupons. Instead of the $100 free to start, you get $300 when you spend $100. Putting a little of your own cash in the pot to see how you can make AdWords work for you.


Definitely worth a try. $100 investment in advertising, when you can practically pinpoint your audience certainly sounds like a good deal to me.

Drop me note if you’re interested in starting an AdWords campaign.