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What is Yext for Local Marketing?

You’ve seen me post again and again about getting your business listed correctly in local business directories. It can be a time consuming process and keeping track of all the sites, logins, etc. not to mention watching out for reviews of your business can start to feel like a full time job!

While I was preparing a package to offer to clients to do just this, I discovered Yext. It’s a way to get a lot of that work done “auto-magically” and aggregate information about (almost) ALL your local listings (and reviews) into one place.


The main benefits I see for signing up with Yext is the time-savings of entering all those local listings manually, particularly if you change/update your description, photos, videos frequently. OR if you want to take advantage of some of the new services they are offering like Service and Product listings, Staff Bio’s, Calendars and even Menus. Yext is also a great service for watching and keeping track of reviews that are being posted online


Signing up for an annual service can always be a bit intimidating, and if your scan shows most of your business listings are correct, you don’t really watch your reviews, and you don’t have calendar/menu updates. It probably makes sense to do the updates manually and not go for the service.


One nice benefit of fully updated “stand out” local listings is that they can have the benefit of sending traffic and links back to your site.

Signup is easy, you can even get a quick report of where your business is already listed (correctly or incorrectly). You get a single dashboard to manage all your local listings and even a reports page to show the clicks your site has received through various local channels.

The only downside I can see so far is that they are not (yet?) integrated with Google+Local (or Bing Local)… those you’ll still have to setup separately, but for all the other big local directories Yext can handle them all.

Full Disclosure: I use Yext for my local business listings, and I am a Yext affiliate.


Local Business Directories – Getting Your Business Listed

As you know, in addition to optimizing your site for important keyphrases, the next step in successfully marketing your website are the “off-site” factors, like how many quality sites link to your site.

This post is an update of a post I did back in 2009. Back then, the three major directories to get listed in were Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since then, many more local business directories have come into being.  It’s more important than ever to get your business listed in these directories because if it’s not, the chances of your site getting found when people search for what you offer plus a location.

So, step one; start with the “Big 3”

Next step; add or update your business on other business directories like:

In addition to these, there are many more. A list of 50 can be found at: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/10322/The-Ultimate-List-50-Local-Business-Directories.aspx

Once you have your business listed, make the most of your listing by:

  • Adding a well written business description (include your KEYWORDS)
  • Adding photos and video
  • Adding details about your business; services provided, hours, payments accepted,  etc.
  • Encourage Happy Customers to review your business online
  • and on the “flip side” check your listings periodically (or setup some Google Alerts) so that you can respond quickly to any negative PR