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How to Add a New email Address to use with Gmail

In these days of multiple email addresses (personal, work, etc.) it’s often helpful to setup Gmail so that you can receive and send email as any one of your email personas. Gmail has a handy way to do that.

Click the gear icon in the upper right hand side of the screen and choose settings:
Gmail > Settiings

Once there, around the middle of the page you will see a link that says: 

Add email address to gmail


Type in the details of the address (what you want your “from” name to be and the email address you’d like to add.

Add email address to gmail

set up email via gmailGoogle will then send a verification email to the address you are trying to add to use with Gmail.


Once you’ve clicked the verification link, you can now send and receive email from the new address into your gmail inbox.

If you’d like to send an email from the new address, just click the drop-down arrow next to the From: address when you are composing an email.

Alternate email addresses for gmailIn this way, you can simplify your email life by receiving and sending all your email from a single interface.

Link a Gmail message to a Google Calendar Event

One of my biggest issues when moving from Outlook to Gmail was that Gmail wasn’t able to auto-magically create an event on my Google calendar that had a live link back to the original email. Often, emails are the source of an event added to your calendar and having a quick link makes life so much easier!

Used to be, (and this still does happen when the date is not spelled out in the email content) that if you wanted to create an event on your Google calendar from a Gmail message, you had to click more, then create event to ad a calendar event from an email.

gmail to google calendarAnd then the event was created, but only with the email text in the description section of the event instead of a live link back to the original email thread (also any links in the email became inactive and attachments were not included.)

create event google calendar from gmail

But today, I noticed for the first time, that if you have an actual date typed in the email (always a good practice for clarity-sake) that Gmail can recognize, the date becomes an underlined link that you can click on to create an event. This functionality has been there a while, the recent twist comes next.

gmail add to calendar link

Here’e the best part! Now, when you add the event to your calendar, instead of the email content in the description area, you now have a live link back to the email source:

gmail to google calendarWhich preserves the link to the whole email thread, live links in the email, attachments with the email, etc. etc. How wonderful! What a boon to gmail productivity. Thanks Google. Well done!