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Video Marketing Made Easy, without YouTube

Read a great article today on Video SEO (sorry I don’t have the link of the original article!) and followed a link to http://wistia.com/

Am trying my first video embed using the SEO embed code. Depending on how well this works… I may be not only writing a lot more about this, but also using this service to host my videos.

Oh how I LOVE to learn new stuff!

How to easily add Google AdSense to your WordPress Blog

I have a Google AdSense account, that I use on this blog and on my personal blog and hubpages. I wanted to experiment with adding ads above and below posts on the blog, but didn’t want to have to copy/paste the ad code everytime.

I found this nifty WordPress plugin, called Google Adsense plug and play. With a neat interface that allowed me to easily link to my publisher account and choose the ad units I wanted to display and where.


Internet Marketing Made Easy™

Internet Marketing Made Easy™ by Ask Joanne, LLC

How to get started with Internet Marketing:

  1. Start with a well designed website or well-written blog.
  2. Capitalize on your existing relationships and ask others to link to your site.
  3. Research on the internet for logical partners with your business or message, where you can post your content.
  4. Tell people about your site and what you have to offer.
  5. Analyze the results and refine your efforts.
  6. Know how to access your website statistics and what to look for when you get there.