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New Directions – Salesforce Administrator Training

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and things have changed quite a bit since then.

From 2016 to now (2019) I worked for a non-profit organization. Within a few months of being there, I realized that the Director of Operations’ head was going to explode if she didn’t stop using spreadsheets as the only method of keeping track of all the programs and participants. I lobbied hard for the implementation of the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) which, at the time, was brand-spanking new.

As a self-taught computer geek, I figured I could do the implementation on my own, no problem. However, in a short period of time I realized that when they call Salesforce a PLATFORM and not a software PACKAGE, they really mean it. You can do almost anything, but “out of the box” there’s a lot that needs to be customized to make it work well.

Fast forward to today. I am now taking the time to get some training directly from Salesforce (love the Trailheads!) and am on my way to certification as an Administrator. I love the power of the Salesforce platform.