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How to Learn SEO Online for Free

Learn SEO Online

When I learned about SEO, it was a very new industry. There weren’t SEO Universities or any formalized training classes. I learned all the fundamentals from Jill Whalen’s Newsletter, Website and Forum at HighRankings.com

I have since expanded the sites that I visit to keep up with SEO, but I do keep it to a minimum. There is sooooo much information available now about SEO and all the different aspects of online marketing, but I find that the fundamentals are still very true. Make a good site, make it easy for your visitors and the search engines to find you, provide relevant information and you can be successful.

So, if you are learning about SEO, here are the top 5 sites that I visit when I have an SEO or SEM question.

  • High Rankings Newsletter
    • This is where it all began for me… I searched for something like How to get High Rankings, and found Jill Whalen’s website and newsletter. This is where I learned the foundation of SEO.
  • High Rankings Forum
    • The High Rankings Forum is where I go first if I can’t find an answer myself or if I need a “reality” check from other pros on a topic. Lots of fantastic information here!
  • SEOMoz
    • I’ve recently fallen in love with mozinars. I thought, at first that they were only available to pro members, however they are free to any registered user. There are a variety of fantastic topics and much to learn.
  • SEOBook
    • I don’t go here quite as often as I used to, but I follow Aaron Wall on social networks and pay attention to what he says.
  • Search Engine Journal
    • Recently I have been seeing some great content here. Maybe it’s been here all along and I just wasn’t paying enough attention!

So, what are your favorites? Where do you go to learn SEO online?

What can Word Clouds tell us? SEOMoz Blog Homepage Keyword Cloud

I’ve really gotten interested in Word Clouds since I’ve been playing around with the beta version of Tableau 8. It’s just so fun to see the words that POP in both size and color…

The following image is a keyword cloud using words from the SEOMoz blog homepage today, 25 Feb 2013. It’s been filtered to exclude date related terms and terms related to the functioning of the blog (like post, read full, comment, etc.). The size of the words is the average number of repeats on the site. The color shows whether the keywords are just in the content or if they appear in the page title, meta-description (or both) on the site. The image has also been filtered to show words with 3 or more repetitions (otherwise the volume of keywords makes it harder to see any patterns.)



Using a word cloud can help you visually focus on the words that are being used most often on a site. And compare that to the words you WANT the search engines to see on the site.

There are lots of variations of this keyword/word cloud theme… you could look at the Google AdWords keyword tool results of a scan of your site. Or, the keywords in your analytics account that show the keywords that are actually generating traffic to your site. Or the advertising keyword results via Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter.

Ah, the possibilities are endless! 🙂