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Why Wistia for Video Hosting?

I just recently bought a basic plan with Wistia to host the videos I produce for my business website and for my personal blogs. I made the decision to go to a paid version within a week or two of having the free service.

ScreenShot961The main question you’re probably asking is why not YouTube or Google Video or Vimeo? For me, as an SEO the biggest bummer with those video hosting services was that all the link juice for the better videos I created was going to YouTube (or Google Video, etc.) Now, if you have advertising on your videos, that might make you want to stay with your present video hosting service. But if you’re not using advertising on your video, wouldn’t it be great to get all the credit for your productions? and have a live “call to action” button on your videos?

The beautiful thing about Wistia, aside from the ease of use, the straight-forward instructions, the superb videos (and advice) is the fact that you can easily edit your sitemap to include your videos. So your website (not your hosting service) gets the credit for the value and traffic that your terrific videos are creating.

Add this to all the information we all know about video marketing being the wave of the future (and how much we all love a good video tutorial) and you have a perfect combination.

The steps for Video SEO are very easy (http://wistia.com/doc/video-seo). You just have to get a few things in place and use the embed code type that facilitates the use of the sitemap code that allows you get the full value of the videos on your site.

Video SEO Made Simple:

  • Create your video
  • Upload to Wistia
  • Make sure your Robot.txt is setup
  • Embed your video using the Advanced Type: SEO Embed
  • Make an entry to your video sitemap

They also have great analytics on your vids… number of views, engagement stats, etc.

Video Engagement Stats

It’s a beautiful thing. And besides, videos are fun.


Video Marketing Made Easy, without YouTube

Read a great article today on Video SEO (sorry I don’t have the link of the original article!) and followed a link to http://wistia.com/

Am trying my first video embed using the SEO embed code. Depending on how well this works… I may be not only writing a lot more about this, but also using this service to host my videos.

Oh how I LOVE to learn new stuff!

Make your own Videos – Super Easy!

by: +Joanne Marcinek 

Ok, I’ll admit, I was behind the eight ball on this one. I found out about Animoto from a client of mine (www.AllSmokedUp.com) and was totally impressed. There’s a free version and a paid version. You can use your still photos to create videos with great movement and sound, quite frankly they are much cooler than the “plain vanilla” slideshows I recommended in my post about creating YouTube videos with Picasa. Like the Picasa slideshows, these “music videos” can be uploaded to YouTube, added to Facebook, linked to your Google local listing, and put on your blog or website. Enjoy!