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Visual and XML Sitemap Generator – See the flow of your website

While chatting with a colleague today (Hello, Beverly Sastri), we were saying it would be so great to have a tool that could “scan” a website and generate a visual sitemap of the site. This is particularly helpful for site re-design and development projects so that you can see how all the pages of the site connect with one another.

I have a wonderful tool called A1 Website Analyzer that I use to pull the page urls, titles, meta-descriptions, heading tags and keywords, for site analysis but Beverly wanted something more like a visual flowchart.

So, here it is, PowerMapper. The maps can also generate an XML sitemap, can be exported to CSV, a webpage or an image. Here’s part of an image from StRoseChurch.com‘s website map.

Visual Sitemap - St. Rose Church

Interactive Income Map: Rich Blocks Poor Blocks

Very cool interactive income map: http://www.richblockspoorblocks.com/

Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks is an interactive map showing the average income for every neighborhood in America. Type in your address, press search, and there you have it: Your city, shaded by income, according to data from an annual survey conducted by the Census Bureau. The greenest blocks–Census blocks, that is, not city blocks–signify the richest areas, typically bringing in an average household income of $100,000 or more a year. The reddest blocks are the poorest, with annual income somewhere around $20,000. All the rest get some shade of red or green, depending where they fall.” Quote from FastCompany


Tableau Software – A Data Analyst’s Dream

Here it is, my first publicly published data visualization:

Cancer Incidence Rates by State and Cancer Site (Stats from National Cancer Institute)

Facts quickly gleaned from this visualization:

  • Breast and Prostate Cancer are the highest incidence cancer sites in the United States
  • The District of Columbia has the highest Prostate Cancer Rate
  • Massachusetts has the highest Breast Cancer Rate
  • Kentucky has the highest rate of Lung Cancer per 100,000 people

Some helpful tips for interacting with this visualization:

  • At the top of the screen are tabs for the different “sheets” of the visualization (Dashboards are sheets that combine one or more detail sheets): 
  • If you hover over a column heading, you get a little icon that allows you to sort the data in ascending or descending order:
  • You can click on a type of cancer or a state and either exclude it, or display only that data: 
    • Use the <ctrl> key to select more than one filter at the same time.
  • You can also filter the data by State:
  • To Undo or Reset to the default settings, click on the reset button at the bottom of the visualization:
  • You can get more detail about any datapoint by hovering your mouse over it to get a “tooltip” to pop-up: 

Feedback welcome. More visualizations coming soon.