What We Do

Internet Research:

– Keyword Research, find the best keywords and phrases to use for your business (based on estimated number of searches, competition and approximate costs per click)

– Competitive Research, see what your online competitors are doing in terms of keyphrases on page 1 of Google, estimated Search Volume and Search Engine Visibility.

– Link Research, see who is linking to your site and to your competitor’s sites. Helping you prioritize and design an effective link-building program.

Internet Advertising:

– Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads – find your audience and make sure they see what you have to offer. Search and display advertising increase traffic, visibility and engagement. Click here for the Google third-party disclosure statement.

 Data Analysis:

– Google Analytics, go deeper into the data. Ask Questions and get answers about how visitors are finding an using your site. Use the information to continuously improve your marketing efforts.

– Data Analysis & Visualization, A Picture is worth a Thousand Words and a Data Visualization can help you see things in your data like never before. Using, Tableau Data Visualization software, Ask Joanne can help you explore your data quickly and efficiently.


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