Client Results

Selected Client Results (SEO and PPC Advertising)

All clients who have implemented our Search Engine Optimization recommendations have achieved top 5 results on Google for their chosen keywords. We have had several clients who achieved #1 in Google for their top keywords.

The following examples are search engine ranking improvements and initial search results on Google. – Top rankings for keywords: architectural specifications, cad drawings free download, BIM Objects and hundreds of other phrases. – Improved ranking for top keyword from position #7 to a top position on Google (Poodle Gifts). Improved positioning on many other keywords into the top 5 positions on Google (Poodle Jewelry, Poodle Stuff) from positions 16 and 19. – Site design and optimization resulting in top results on Google for Bee Venom Therapy CT, and Traveling Bee Venom Therapist. – New site design and optimization. Currently in the top 5 positions on Google for primary keywords; Fertility Specialist, Fertility Therapy Bridgeport, Acupuncture for Fertility CT, and Tubal Ligation Reversal CT. – Site redesign and optimization. Currently in the top 5 positions on Google for primary keywords BBQ Catering CT, BBQ catering NY tailgate, and Wedding BBQ catering CT. – Search Engine Optimization recommendations improved rankings to page 1 results for many top keywords: world religions film, world religions documentary, and interfaith documentaries. – A newly developed site, that after the Google “sandbox” period achieved top results for: Gambrel Barn Kits, Timber Barn Kits, and Wood Barn Kits.

Adwords Client Results

All of our Pay Per Click advertising clients have achieved improved click-through-rates, decreased costs-per-click for their primary keywords and increased conversion rates. Here are a few examples: – doubled the number of click-throughs to the website at the same budget, decreased the cost per click from .17 to .07, increased conversion rate by 33% and decreased cost per conversion significantly. – Created search targeted and display network ads generating 18 times the traffic from another manager’s ad campaigns. – Optimized advertising campaigns resulting in 50% more clicks to the site at only 75% of the total costs. Costs per click reduced by nearly $2 per click. – Filled a teleclass with students after running a highly targeted adwords campaign for the 3 weeks prior to class start date. – improved click-through rate from .30% to 2.19% and decreased average cost per click from 66 cents per click to 46 cents per click. – improved click-through rate from .81% to 2.57% and decreased average cost per click from 76 cents per click to 55 cents per click.